Wechselwild Brand
Identity & Product Concept

Wechselwild is one of our own projects.

The idea was to make accessories with changeable designs. So we developed a high quality fashion accessory, combined with a state
of the art online concept

We turned the second “W” to make the meaning of the logo both: The brandname and the key feature.

Wechselwild is a play on words with the German term for “deer crossing”. This was the basis for the naming of the product line.


The packaging is not only to contain the products. To support the product concept we have developed a solution to collect and browse the designs.

Every design comes with a collection card, printed with magnetic color.

The product packaging can be used to store the collection cards.

To make the most of the idea, we completed the concept with an online community. You can create your own design there and artists can sell their artworks.

See the full case study or visit the online shop.

There is a relaunch of the community coming soon. Stay tuned.