Madeleine Issing
Brand Identity, Lookbook & Mobile Site

The task was to design a cool and noble brand identity for a jewelry designer and adapt that feeling to an easy to use mobile shop.

The imagemark is an abstract piece of jewelry. 

Branding imagesBranding images

Madeleine Issing got inspired by the beauty of Fox Glacier in New Zealand and designed the collection HIGH ROTATION.  


In this collection, she uses similar minerals such as crystals, marble and quartz crystals and combines their raw, natural beauty with minimalistic design. So we put the concept into a proper imagery.

The shopdesign should pick up the classy look we created. 

Because the audience predominantly is young and the most important marketing channel is instagram, we focused the mobile shop first.

We put the brands feeling in an easy to use mobile shop. High conversion rates and the best possible usability were the most important thing for designing the mobile shop.