Wechselwild UX/UI, eCommerce and Onlineconcept

The challenge was to bring crowdsourcing, ecommerce and an innovative product into an easy to use website.

This is one of our own projects. Please also see the case for branding and product also.

The main aspect of concepting this shop was to increase the conversion rate and the value of the cart.

On the homepage the user should get the idea behind Wechselwild very easy.

To achieve that, the design supports the product concept in the most effective way by some cross selling features and recurring call to actions.

The slider can also be used to announce sales.

Here you can see the full design of the homepage. It´s very important for us that every detail is awesome – even the footer.

The shop gallery, where you can shop singel designs. You can switch between single desings and product bundles via the pink switch.

The product site. It was very important here to show, that every design is available for every product. Also we add some cross selling alerts after a product has been added to the cart to increase the average transaction value.

The community and the crowdsourcing aspect is seamlessly integrated in the webshop.

Landingpage for artists who want to publish their artworks.

Landingpage for people who want to order a private design.

We tried to collect as much information of the design as possible by designing a beautiful form after uploading an artwork.

You can access the shop page for every product via the profil of an artist.

See the case study for branding and the product concept or visit the online shop.

There is a relaunch of the community coming soon. Stay tuned.